Custom order inquiries

Custom orders

If you would like a custom T-shirt or Crewneck made please email us at , please include everything below in your email.


What to include in your email


For the design please give us a clear idea of what you are looking for. Send send reference images, the more the better.

We will draw up a design for you that can be changed until you are happy with the results.

Also include the colour(s) you would like the design to be.


Please let us know how many custom pieces you are looking for.

If you are placing a fairly large order,  say 15 for a team please let us know the quantity, size and colour of each shirt you would like so we are able to get you exactly what you need. Here is an example

Small tee, colour red, quantity 4

Size & Colour

If you are inquiring about a large order and already let us know this information above you don’t have to write it again


Let us know what size and colour you would like for your Crewneck or T-shirt.

If you are in need of a very specific colour please send multiple image of this colour so we can find the best one for you!


Please note that the processing time will be longer for custom order since we have to draw the design, order in the requested inventory or colour, and make sure you are complete happy with your purchase!


Things we will not do for a custom order.

~ Anything sexually explicit

~ Anything sexist, racist, homophobic, or derogatory in any way

~ Profanity to an extent, if you want one swear on your shirt that will most likely be okay but ultimately that is up to us to decide

~ Nudity


Pricing will be discussed after we have figured out all of the logistics of your design and what you want.