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Slowburn bookmark

Slowburn bookmark

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Enhance your reading experience with our beautiful slow burn durable bookmarks. Made from premium materials, these bookmarks are designed to last. Each bookmark features a smooth finish, ensuring it won’t damage your book pages.

these will not be a reoccurring product, once they are sold out they will be gone. 
These bookmarks are from the wonderful “Fabled Folke” shop. They were purchased to sell at a vendor market but since we did not sell them all we are selling the remainder here




There are two shipping options available for our bookmarks

~letter mail (no tracking)

~tracked packet


If you choose letter mail your order WILL NOT include a tracking number. Please make sure your address is correct.


If you do not receive your order please let me know so we can either send out a replacement or refund you for your order. (Letter mail can take up to 2-3 weeks to reach its destination so please keep that in mind when choosing a shipping option)

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